There is no slowing down the U.S. online gambling train that is steaming ahead at a rapid pace. It has only been a few weeks since Nevada has started issuing gaming licenses and the rush to climb aboard is putting pressure on authorities to keep up with the demand.

The online scratchcard industry is just one of many which are aiming at offering all their top scratch games to the many millions of classic scratch tickets which are so popular the world over.

It comes as no surprise that everyone wants to capitalize on the $40 billion global online gambling market. The U.S. is seen as potentially one of the biggest and most lucrative of them all.

Anyone looking for indications of how many interested parties are desperate to join the online gambling market, need not look further than Las Vegas. In a report on Marketwire, the world’s largest gaming testing laboratory, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) has been inundated with over 200 submissions for testing. This is only in the 3 weeks after it was named as a Registered Independent Testing Laboratory by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

GLI has over 86,000 square foot to test the various products in their laboratory. Out of the 750 employees over 200 will be dedicated to the laboratory alone.
GLI have beefed up their staff by 40% since March and have expanded their laboratory by over 65,000 square feet in order to cope with expected heavy workload.
All testing of gaming devices, interactive gaming systems, cashless wagering systems and gambling games is now under the jurisdiction of private labs like GLI. As of July 1, 2012 the State Control Board Technology Division no longer performs any such tests.

GLI have as its stated aim to have one job, “to test electronic gaming equipment.” They have over 20 years of experience and serve over 455 global jurisdictions. GLI are global leaders in their fields and have over 20 laboratory location all around the world which include North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. They have the prestigious title of holding compliance accreditation with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020 for wagering, gaming and lottery industries technical competence.

As a dedicatedonline scratchcard game and slots site we hope to welcome our U.S. counterparts to the ever-growing scratchie world.

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