Golborne Teen Wins Big On National Lottery Scratch Card

Scratchcards are often purchased as an impulse buy after another purchase at the cashier. For a lucky 19 year old Rebecca Tierney from Golborne Christmas cam early for her. She purchased a £1 National Lottery scratch card the day before Christmas Eve when she went out to purchase a can of coke. The 19 year old has a three-month-old son and lives with her family.

According to the factory worker she rarely purchases scratchies but decided she could be lucky and purchased it along with a coke. Like many of us she scratched the card at home not expecting too much. Initially she thought she had won £2 but soon discovered she had won the grand £100,000 prize. She was so excited and nervous about her win that she slept with her scratch card under her pillow. The shop where she purchase the ticket was closed and she had to wait a day so confirm her win.

Tierney was delighted with her win and declared it was the best present she could have wished for. She intends taking driving lessons which up till now she could not afford and also plans on purchasing her dream Mini car. She was quoted as saying,” I am looking forward to a great future ahead for both myself and my son. This win really has changed my life. I have never been able to afford driving lessons so I am definitely going to start to learn to drive and I absolutely love the Mini so hopefully I will be able to buy my dream car too.”

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