Recent court rulings in the UK and Finland have compelled ISP’s to block access to certain sites and censor content.

However there has been intersting developments in German Courts which could impact on online gambling players right to access gambling sites should they chose.

The latest ruling in the Cologne Administrative Court in Germany went against these rulings and ruled that ISP’s are not obligated to block online gambling sites even in cases where it is technically illegal in Germany.

Der Spiegel reported that case of the ISP Deutsche Telekom who was compelled by the courts to allow access to online betting sites even if they are illegal in Germany.

This ruling reaffirms previous court ruling in Dusseldorf last year where a judge ruled that ISP’s Telekom and Vodafone cannot be held accountable for site content as they had no influence in content selection and accordingly could not be compelled to block access.

These court precedents could have far reaching effects for German and other European countries as it protects ISP’s from official demands that certain websites be blocked or censored.

We at scratch-fever look forward to future developments as we believe  that there is no way to stop millions of scratch card players from accessing online scratch card sites.

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