Frustrated Italian Punter Attacks Slot Machines With Axe

Slot machines are one of the most popular choices for punters when choosing to gamble. There are many bars and betting shops where gamblers spend hours in the hope of spinning and winning an instant jackpot. There has been a heated debate in the UK regarding slot machines in betting shops where critics are keen to limit the amount of money one can play on a slot machine. There are high paying slots where you can literally spend a small fortune in a short space of time which has led to proposals to impose restrictions.

A disgruntled slots player in Italy took his disappointment with his losses on pokies to a new level. The 47 year-old Nure Bregu was videotaped as he took “revenge” on the slots with an axe. Bregu reportedly lost over 5000 euros in a bar in a matter of hours. The father of two is a casual laborer in the normally quiet village of Fontaniva. He calmly walked into the bar and to the horror of the bar patrons started smashing the machines with an axe. The video footage shows him calmly walking out after the attack and waiting for the local police to arrest him. Bregu was sentenced to six months in jail for criminal damage and has added fuel to the growing slot addiction problem which Italian health officials have been warning about.

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