Gambling in France is strictly regulated and the Ministry of Justice is responsible in determining where it is legally sanctioned.

Recently a 37 year old French man decided to sue the interior ministry for $100,000. Guess what the reason was? He claims that he was able to access the online gambling sites to which he requested he be banned from.

In France it is possible to register with the Interior Ministry in order to be voluntarily banned from playing online casinos.  This process is aimed at those who have gambling addiction tendencies and are not capable of playing responsibly.

Apparently there was some error in the paperwork when filing his request and as a result the request was not processed.

According to the man’s attorney it is all fine and well to legalize online gaming but we all know that they rely on the addiction and sickness of players.

It will be interesting to see if the Interior Ministry will foot the bill or perhaps the individual should take responsibility for his own actions and not blame an entire industry for his addiction problems.

I think that whatever online games you choose to play,whether it be scratch cards or online poker, it is up to you the individual to play responsibly and not spoil it it for all of the rest of us.

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