“Forces of Terra” 3D Online Scratchcard from 888play

When deciding to spend your hard earned cash on online gambling, many ask themselves which format to choose. To many online gambling is not only about winning instant cash but it is also to experience a unforgettable and unique gaming experience. It is here where 888play’s “Forces of Terra” scratch card comes into play.

Forces of Terra is considered by many as one of the best online scratchcards released in the last few years by NeoGames. It is based on the highly popular Legends of Terra Slots game. This online fantasy scratchgame features 3D graphics and takes you on a journey to a fantasy world that will enthrall you and reward you handsomely at the same time.

Forces of Terra offers a magical £100,000 Grand Jackpot which is up there with any other online gambling option. The beauty about this game is the fact that it plays like a classic and easy to play scratchcard. There is no need to fuss about complicated rules and procedures. From the moment you enter thus enchanting online scratch gameyou will be able to scratch and win in seconds.

Like we emphasized the graphics in Forces of Terra are nothing short of spectacular. The background features breathtaking videos of a beautiful lake with snowcapped mountains in the background. There is even a bird which comes swooping along the panoramic view.

The fantasy characters in this online gaming adventure include demons, knights, dragons, ogres and gnomes just to mention a few. The aim of Forces of Terra is easy. In order to get your hands on the dream jackpots prizes all you need to do is to match anything from 3 to 5 characters and you win.

Forces of Terra gives you even more chances to win as there are various levels of winning. Firstly if you scratch and reveal 3 identical symbols then you win the amount indicated. If you scratch 4 identical symbols you will win the prize x2. If you are lucky enough and scratch 5 identical symbols then you will win the prize x10!

Like all of 888play’s online scratch and slots games, there is always an opportunity for everyone to play as betting starts from a low £0.50 and can go as high as £10. To enter this online scratchcard odyssey just choose the amount you wish to net and scratch away. You will be mesmerized by the 3D graphics and exceptional theatrical music in the background. It is no surprise that until today there are still few online scratch cards that can reach this level of eye-popping graphics and themes.

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