Scratchcards and lottery ticketsare natural fit for each other. In fact many lotteries use scratch cards as an integral part to their gaming options. Both lottery and scratch cards continue to remain one of the most popular types of gambling as anyone can win with no prior knowledge or expertise needed.

For a woman in Coral Springs, Florida the dream of winning big on scratch cards came true when she won a dream jackpot prize of $10 million .The 35-year-old Tara Tuttle won the $10 million on the Billion Dollar Blockbuster Scratch-off game.

Like many Tuttle chose lottery scratch tickets as they are renowned for having a high payout rate of 70% compared to the 50% of draw games. The funny thing is that Tuttle was walking around with her $10 million scratch ticket for over a month before she actually scratched it. She plans to start a charitable organization for cancer victims.

According to Florida lottery officials scratch cards make up over 575 of statewide sales. There are still five $10 million and 74 $1 million prizes that are up for grabs on the Billion Dollar Blockbuster Scratch game. Tuttle opted for a lump sum payment of $6.5 million which breaks the previous largest Florida Lotto win in January of $6 million.


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