Find The Bone ScratchCard Game

Find the Bone is an amusing online scratch card game that takes place in the backyard of a garden where a friendly little dog is digging up the garden for bones.

The aim of this light-hearted scratch card games is simple. There are 12 holes in which you get to choose 6 of them . You win the prize should you be successful in finding the lucky bone in any of the 6 holes.

Betting starts at a low £0.25 and has a maximum of £10.

There is a jackpot prize of £100,000 which is sure to get your tail aging. This scratch card game features colorful graphics and amusing sounds.

Every time the dog does not find the lucky bone you get to hear him whimpering and when he does find the bone he is delighted.

All in all this is an entertaining scratchie that will amuse you for hours.

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