The Fertitta Brothers are a force to be reckoned with in the gambling world. While a lot of you would recognize the name from their involvement in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), they are just as active in the gambling arena. Bedsides their interests in land- based casinos like the Golden Nugget Hotels and Casinos, they have more recently got involved in the dynamic world of social free-to-play-gambling.

Way back in February this year Fertitta Interactive applied for an online gambling license in the state of Nevada with an eye on cashing in on the impending legalization of online gambling in the U.S.

In June this year Fertitta Interactive announced their launch of their social gaming and real-money company. Their free-to-play Ultimate Poker is available on Facebook and has been heavily promoted in conjunction with the ever popular UFC. Their real-money poker is ready to go as soon as the authorities in the U.S. allow them to do so. According to many experts the U.S. online poker market is set to be worth over $5 billion if the federal government legalizes it on a national basis.

The Fertitta brothers like many other land based casino brands are using their free-to-play online poker games to build and strengthen their powerbase so that as soon as online poker is legalized , they can be in a prime position to convert many of their loyal online social poker players to the real-money option.

In another step to strengthen their land-based casinos, Golden Nugget who are owned by the Fertitta brothers launched their free online poker website called This free-to play online poker site lets poker fans enjoy playing 24 hours a day and includes promotions, tournaments, prizes and free Hotel Stay s to be won. At the time CEO Tilman J.Fertitta was quoted as saying,” We have launched a free internet site in anticipation of the legalization of online gaming in the United States. With combined revenues of over $2.5 billion for Golden Nugget and Landry’s, will be able to reach over 60 million customers annually.”

The Fertitta Brothers are a good example of how traditional real-money gambling powerhouses are partnering up with social casino interests in order to increase their real-money playing prospects. Other prominent examples are that if IGT who purchased DoubleDown Casino for a whopping $500 million. As we reported they have already launched their DoubleDown Casino app on land casinos like Golden Acorn and Casino Del Sol Resort.

To strengthen the claims that many free-to-play online poker players would happily make the transition to real-money online poker, a survey was conducted by This survey found that a whopping 86% of its existing customer base would jump at the option of playing online poker for real-money if and when it becomes legal in the U.S. Although this survey needs to be taken with a slight bit of skepticism it certainly is in line with what most experts believe to be accurate.

The rush to get in line for the real-money online poker and gambling options has resulted in one of the most dynamic and interesting battles in the online gambling world. With major social gaming giants like Zynga relying on their planned legalized form of real money online poker to bail themselves out of their current predicament, the stakes could not be higher.

Many believe that the next 12 months will see the expansion of legalized online gambling in the U.S. The Fertitta Brothers are one of the better examples of how a strategic and well-planned campaign on both social and regular platforms can ultimately set their companies up for cashing in on the global online gambling market which is estimated at over $40 billion.

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