Facebook launched their much talked about App Center in July this year. While at the time they insisted that it was not aimed at competing with Apple’s iTunes or Google, it is clear that they have been aiming to monetize their site for a long time. Presently the App Center is a service which concentrates over 600 apps from all fields in a central location for the benefit of Facebook users.

Like the launching of their real money gambling app Bingo Friendzy last week, Facebook is aiming at monetizing their App Center. It is worth remembering that Facebook takes in the region of 30% of profits from apps. It is not hard to see how they could easily become a global force competing for real money apps cash like Google and Apple.

While only recently launched, Facebook announced that there are already over 150 million people using their App Center. Their gaming community has soared to over 235 million users and has increased by over 30 million users for the year.

Facebook’s App Center was launched with the idea of offering global users a central source for hundreds of the most popular apps. Initially it was only available in limited countries but has since spread to the U.S, U.K, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Canada and India. The App Center is directly available through the Facebook website as well as the iOS and Android apps. With nearly one billion users the potential for Facebook’s App Store is unlimited. In the short time since their launch they have already succeeded in getting 15% of their users to utilize the App Center with 24% playing games on its platform.

If or when this market share grows and Facebook finds more ways to monetize these apps, they could well be laughing all the way to the bank. Long gone are the days where the market believes that Facebook is only a social network. They are in the money making business as much as their competitors Microsoft and Google.Many other social networks are looking to Facebook as the blueprint as to see how the real money gambling market pans out as a source of revenue.

In these difficult economic times it seems that few will be able to resist the temptation to enter the ever lucrative yet potentially treacherous online gambling world.

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