It is hard to believe but the top Android App is Facebook. This is amazing as Facebook is the most actively used Android with more people using it than Google’s core apps such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and You Tube.

Nielson, the well known market research firm published their findings with the help of their specially adapted device monitoring software which was voluntarily installed on thousands of users countrywide.

Some interesting facts were that in the last month overall, Facebook was the most used app on the Android Platform. With users between 18-24 the second most used app was Google Search with Gmail , Google Maps and YouTube following.

Within the age group of 25 to 34 the usage of Facebook was 81% followed by Gmail ,Google Maps and Google search.

It is no surprise that the giant social network Facebook is the most popular app as all of us love to be part of a community like the online gaming community .What can be more fun than playing our scratch cards online and winning instant jackpots?

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