Facebook is making a concerted effort to prove that there are other social gaming players that are up and coming on their network other than Zynga. Currently Zynga has the largest social gaming presence on Facebook with over 243 million monthly active users. This will be a hard act to follow for competitors as according to research firm AppData Zynga currently has more monthly active users (MAU’s) then the next top five combined.

Speaking at a Casual Connect game conference in Seattle, game strategic manager at Facebook, Sarah Brooks said that there have been millions of new players who have started engaging in social games and currently there are over 130 social games which now have over 1 million active users on Facebook.

This is a sign of the ever growing competition for Zynga as many people are trying to join the ever growing and profitable social gaming boom.

An example of this is King.com who currently holds the No.2 position on Facebook and boasts over 52 million MAU. Arcade games have also increased their presence with over 75 million MAU who engage in bubble-shooter titles.

According to Brooks there are also more gaming genres on offer like hidden object games which have increased to six and include romance games and Victorian mysteries.

The most interesting development however is that of casino games which have enjoyed a massive rise. An excellent example of this is Double Down Interactive which was bought by IGT for $500 million and has proven a massive hit with their virtual slots machines.

The infusion of billions of dollars by real money gambling interests like IGT is the strongest indication of how much potential the social casino based games have for converting into real money gambling opportunities.

While Zynga is currently at the top of the pack, they will need to be on the lookout for serious contenders to their crown as the world’s largest social gaming company.

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