Facebook Adds Salt To Zynga’s Wounds By Aiding Competitors

The saying “when it rains it pours” seems to be have been made for Zynga. Just when you thought things could not get worse for them, their one inseparable partner Facebook has dealt them another blow. We reported back in December about the change in relationship between Zynga and Facebook. While both parties at the time said the split was amicable, cynics would call the latest move by Facebook as rubbing salt into Zynga’s wounds.

Just days after a major share price drop due to them backing out of the U.S. real money gambling market, Facebook have given a major push to Zynga’s competitors by providing mobile game publishing services to smaller developers. In the past Zynga’s enjoyed the benefit of Facebook almost entirely promoting their products and offering them all their expertise in order to reach their target audiences.

In terms of the new service being offered to smaller gaming developers, they will be assisted in many fields ranging from free advertising and promotional support which will aid enable them to reach as many of the 1 billion Facebook users as possible.

The global lead for Mobile Game Partnerships at Facebook, Dan Morris explained the new approach,” We are taking a much more active partnership with these companies. We will steer users to their games. The idea is not to show one game to all users but to take advantage of our reach and our ability to match users with the games they like.”

While Zynga is trying to regain their dominance on social networks with the aid of the launch of their  own site as well, this latest blow could not come at a worse time. From the outside it seems that Zynga will have to work harder than ever to stop loosing active users which is a major reason for their current woes. It would certainly have been fascinating to be a fly on the wall when Facebook executives decided on this timely move and of course the reaction of their one-time “marriage partner” upon hearing it.

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