Enjoy “Spider-Man Hero” Online ScratchCard From Neogames

Marvel Comics have brought us some of the most memorable superheroes ever created. Millions of us grew up on the likes of Spiderman, Hulk and King Kong. As a leading platform provider for many top online scratch and slots sites NeoGames has managed to capture the magic of Marvel Comics in an array of scratch cards and slots.

Spider-Man Hero is not just an ordinary scratchcard as it features multiple ways in which to scratch and win. Firstly you get to see your favorite superhero fight evil and defend justice. All you need to do in order to win is to match 3 identical symbols or find the Wild Symbol.

Spider-Man Hero offers a £100,000 instant cash jackpot which could be yours anytime Spiderman spins his web. Even more exciting is the fact that there is also a Gamble option which is a great way to increase your adrenalin and winning chances.

With the Gamble feature you will see 2 Spider-Man characters which are red and black. All you need to do in order to double your winnings is to predict whether the Spider-Man in the center circle will be red or black.No need to get caught up in a web of debt to start playing as playing starts from as low as £0.50. Spider-Man Hero features authentic graphics that do justice to the classic Comics Hero.

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