Enjoy £7 Free When Playing Scratchgames’ “Arctic Madness” Online Slots Game

Arctic Madness is a chillingly appealing online slots offering from Scratchgames. This original 3 reel,5 payline slots will literally have you playing and spinning out of the box. The icons on this slots are unique and highly entertaining. Each icon on the reels is in the form of an ice cubes where there is a hilarious looking characters to make your playing experience unforgettable.

Arctic Madness has a unique feature in that each time you win you will automatically be rewarded with a “Free Spin” which makes your chances to win even higher.
Talking about jackpots, Arctic Madness offers a life changing £100,000.The graphics and background theme to this slot is original and takes place amongst icebergs and sharks that circle the slots reels. When it comes to playing anyone can enjoy slots at Scratchgames as bets on Arctic Madness begin at £0.5 and can go as high as £10.

If you are new to the world of online gambling then Scratchgames is the perfect online scratchcard and slots site to experiment with. First of all they offer you the chance to play and win for real cash on all their games when you take advantage of their free £7 Welcome Bonus offer which is yours just for registering with them.

Another reason to start enjoying intern gambling with Scratchgames is the fact that all their games are designed with the user in mind. There is no messing around with complicated registration and playing processes. All their online games are simple to play and are available to be played instantly without the need to download any software.Modern online gambling is all about providing affordable and entertaining gaming options which on the one hand are fun games in themselves yet on the other hand payout jackpots of £100,000 as routine.

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