Eighteen Year Old Shop Apprentice Wins £100,000 On National Lottery Scratchcard

An 18 year old cash and carry apprentice at Batleys got the surprise of his life when he purchased a 1 pound National Lottery scratchcard. The teenager Jack Tanbini was making his delivery to a newsagent last week.  After helping to unload the stock the youngster was feeling peckish and wanted to purchase a packet of crisps.

Lucky for Jack the store owner was grateful for the lad’s help and returned his pound. Tanbini decided on the spur of the moment to purchase a Purple National Lottery Scratchcard.

Jack has purchased scratchies in the past but hadn’t for a while. He could not believe his luck when he revealed 3 identical amounts. He asked the shopkeeper to verify the winning ticket as well as the colleague which was with him. The young winner still was in shock and disbelief even when the machine confirmed the winner.

At Tanbini’s work place his boss was kind enough to give him a day off to organize his affairs with Camelot. Jack has not decided what to do with his £100,000 jackpot but plans on driving lessons and perhaps a car. The young winner still lives with his mom in Lochee with four older brother and seems to have a good head on his shoulders as he said,” I’ll give my mum some money and maybe go on holiday, but then I’m going to save the rest for the future.”

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