Imagine playing your favorite online scratch cardonly to discover that you have hit a major jackpot. What could possibly bring you down from scratching and winning an instant life changing jackpot. Well read the following story and you will discover what we mean.

A dream jackpot turned into a nightmare for a 32 year old Swedish woman. The unlucky woman lost her share of the $11.7 million jackpot because of a bureaucratic bungle by the Swedish Tax Agency in her address.

The whole sorry saga started when Linda Nyqvist changed her moving address to the village of Hjo in Sweden last year, She claimed that she updated the new address with tax authorities accordingly.

In December 2011 all the residents of Hjo win the massive jackpot in the Swedish post Code Lottery which distributed the prize among eight people in the village.

The idea behind the Swedish post code lottery works on the premise that if one person buys a ticket , all those who have bought tickets and share the same postcode as the winner also share in the winnings.

The devastated Lyqvist  expressed her misery,” Something went wrong, but I don’t know how and cannot find out either. The forms have been lost either at the post office or at the tax office. It is awful. There’s nothing I can say or do.”

Unfortunately for her the administrator of the Post Code Lottery , Fredrik Skrheden  was quoted,” “It is of course disappointing when you think you have won but realize that you haven’t after all. It is clear from our perspective that the draw has been made and there is nothing we can do to change it.”

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