Digital Chocolate Partners With Betable To Launch Real Money Gaming In UK

We have been toting the startup Betable as a major player to watch in both the social and real money gambling circles. For those who have been living on another planet, the so called free-to-play casino games that we all played only a year ago are fast being converted to real money gaming options wherever it is legally possible to do so. The UK online gambling market is seeing as the most regulated and established in Europe and it is for this reason that many major gaming companies have launched their real money games there as a testing ground. These include Big Fish, Zynga, Koolbit, Gamesys,888 and others.

This rapid transformation that we have witnessed in the last year has been boosted in a big way by Betable. In essence Betable provide the backend processing needed to enable a player to wager real money in a social game that would otherwise be a regular free-to-play game. Their backend is able to identify where the player is located and whether they are in a jurisdiction where it is legally possible to gamble online. They are even responsible for ensuring ID checks and preventing fraud.

It is thanks to them that many social gaming companies have the ability to now not only dream of the real money gaming option but to be a part of this multi-billion dollar global phenomenon.

The newest social gaming company to partner up with Betable is mobile gaming firm Digital Chocolate who are launching a social casino game that will offer UK players the option to play for real cash. Chief Operating officer at Digital Chocolate, Jason Loia made no bones about their true intentions for 2013,” We are charging real fast into social mobile gaming, and part of our strategy is real-money gaming. Real-money gambling is a real part of our strategy in 2013.”

Digital Chocolate are launching their new Slots on the iPad and iPhone in the UK today and have plans to release a real money blackjack offering for the iOS. Loia also announced that they intend releasing additional real money gaming options in the future. For Betable their list of clients continues to grow and we are certain to see social gaming companies lining up at their doors in order to get in on the party of real money gambling.

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