The old saying of “If you ain’t in it,you can’t win” which is often used to refute skeptics about taking a flutter on lottery tickets or scratchies just got some serious vindication. For 69 year old Julie Cervera from California, purchasing lotto tickets on a regular basis is nothing unusual. In fact she herself stated that she has over 200 tickets lying around her house.Cervera has just become the latest $23 million lottery winner in the California lottery from a Super Lotto Plus ticket.

What makes this story so interesting is the fact that Cervera could not have been a more deserving winner. She has been like many of us gone through tough times and even had problems paying her electrical bills. To top it off she had also lost her 47 year old son last year in a motorcycle accident leaving her with four teenage children. She had been living on disability for 20 years and is a widow.

Cervera nearly lost out on her winnings as the lotto prize had to be claimed by November 26 according to lotto regulations. The lottery officials had released video of where the lucky ticket was bought in an effort to track down the winner. Cervera had bought the ticket with her daughter Charliena Marquez at a California liquor store in May and had left the ticket in her glove box.

The lucky ticket was bought on impulse as Cervera was traveling with her daughter and asked her to stop to buy a bottle of water due to her feeling carsick. Cervera’s daughter popped in and as requested by her mother purchased a lotto ticket. After receiving the picture of the footage released by the lotto officials from friends, Marquez suddenly realized that she was the person in the photo.

Needless to say the life changing jackpot will go a long way to make up for Cervera’s tough string of luck. An emotional Cervera stated that she would give it all up in order to have her son back On the positive side she also stated,” My grandkids are all going to be taken care of, and my (three) daughters,” she said. “I’m just so happy. I’m going to buy me a pair of Reeboks.”

It is amazing to follow lottery winners’ stories around the globe. Millions of us continue to take inspiration from stories like that of Cervera. One never knows when a life changing jackpot can arrive. With online global lottery services one is able to participate in all the multi-million pound lotto jackpots with a click of a button. These jackpots often reach into hundreds of millions of pounds. It is so easy and one even has the option of taking a subscription which automatically puts you in the draw.

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