Delaware governor Jack Markell has changed his approach on expanding gambling in the state to protecting the existing casinos.

The new approach is due to growing concerns about keeping existing jobs at the three racetrack casinos which are battling to compete with out of state gamblers who have the option to play at slot machines closer to their homes.

Governor Markelll and the legislators had previously planned on building new casinos in Delaware in order to create new jobs but the current economic troubles have hit hard.

The planned new casinos in New Castle and Sussex Counties have been cancelled.
Due to increasing competition from Maryland and Pennsylvania the tax revenues from the state’s three casinos are continuing to drop.

Gov. Markell is under pressure from existing casino operators to delay any future new casinos. The operators have been lobbying hard to reduce the $10 million licensing fees and are hoping for a tax reduction.

Revenues from slots have fallen on a yearly basis since the first new competitor Harrah’s casino in Chester was opened.

Adding to Delaware’s problems is the opening of five new casinos opened in Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The current gloomy situation is clear in the latest statistics which show that slots revenue at Delaware casinos have dropped 13% at the end of the third quarter in 2011 compared to the previous year.

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