“Deal or No Deal” Online ScratchCard from 888games

Deal or No Deal is an instant scratch card game that is based on the popular television show hosted by Noel Edmonds. This game tests your nerves and luck as you try and beat the Banker. The game consists of 26 boxes which are all sealed with hidden amounts of cash.

To start playing this fun online scratchgame just chose the amount you want to bet and choose a lucky box to begin. Select another 6 boxes to eliminate and make a choice of either to “Deal” or “No Deal” when the banker calls.

If you choose “Deal” the game will end and your winnings will be calculated by the value of the Banker’s deal plus your additional value of your original box.
If you select “No Deal” the game will continue and you will again get the option to “Deal” with the banker. Remember that that the more you hold out and do not Deal there is a chance of you getting very little or no cash. The more you decide to stake the higher your winnings and you can win up to 10 times your original stake!

Deal or No Deal lets you start betting from a low £0.50 and has a maximum of £500 which makes for an online scratch game that caters for all budgets.

888games are experts at bringing contemporary themes to their online scratch card and slots games. Deal or No Deal is a great example of how a hit television show can be packed into a highly entertaining and cash rewarding online scratchie. 888games have managed to capture the magic of the original Television show and do it justice in the online gaming option.

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