Customer Reviews Vital To Online Casinos Reputation

In the online gambling world there is nothing more important than reputation. While many believe that forking out millions on lavish marketing campaigns can attract and maintain loyal online gamblers, they need to think again. In a report released by a respected gaming analyst Martin R. Baird of Robinson & Associates Inc. there were some interesting findings which could have online casino re-thinking on where to spend their multi-million dollar budgets.

Baird is of the opinion that a casino’s online reputation is more way more important than high budget marketing. Online reviews by other patrons are an important factor to many when choosing which online casino they patronize. This simple but telling finding goes against the theory that if you throw enough cash in ad campaigns and marketing blitzes you are set to capture a large gambling audience. Baird goes even further in saying that many patrons are even “dismissive” of casino advertising campaigns and are more likely to read real reviews by actual patrons.

These findings are vital to an online casino’s success as Google apparently takes these customer reviews seriously when ranking a sit in their Google search. Whether you like it or not the main global search tool for billions around the globe is still Google and if you aren’t ranking there then you are missing out on potentially millions of potential customers.

I can hear many of you reading this saying why don’t these online casinos just pay people to post positive feedback to overcome any negative feedback. Well Google’s search bots have already thought of this and are able to detect any unusually high numbers of posted reviews whether positive or negative and when found disregard all the reviews.

The bottom line according to Baird is honest customer reviews are vital to both a casino’s reputation as well as to the potential online gambling audience you are aiming to attract. It is for this reason that we at scratch-fever only endorse online gambling sites that are fully vetted and enjoy a reputation for trustworthiness and professionalism.

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