unleashes “Numero Uno” ScratchCard Game

The number 1 is a magical number for all. Being top dog is what it is all aboutin the latest online scratchcard from CrazyScratch. Numero Uno is the scratch game that features the number 1 as its’ central theme.Numero Uno is simple to play and lets you win in no less than 2 different ways.

When you start playing Numero Uno Scratch card game you will see 24 scratchable areas. In order to win all you need to do is to scratch 16 of the squares and reveal 5 or more 1’s. The second method of winning is if you reveal a treasure chest, then you will win the prize specified in the paytable.

Like all of NeoGames powered online scratch and slot games, Numero Uno will put you in number 1 position if you win the £100,000 Grand Jackpot Prize.
To get your hands on the cash is not difficult as you can start scratching away from as little as £0.50 and go as high as £10 which makes for playing opportunities for all.

The graphics are great and are very reminiscent of the traditional scratchies which makes Numero Uno a classic scratch game.

To start the action all you need to do is to choose the amount you wish to bet and click on the “PLAY” button.

Numero Uno is what is all about as they offer all sorts of online scratchcards and slots which cover every possible taste and gambling choice you could ask for. As you will notice on CrazyScratch, there are always unique promotion and offers which will drive you crazy in a good way. Just remember there is no need to think twice before playing on CrazyScratch as they give you a chance to try their online games for free with their free £5 Offer which is yours for the taking.

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