There is only one story dominating the online gaming and gambling world this week and that is of Facebook entering the real money gambling arena. This week’s partnership between Facebook and Gamesys to launch their real money Bingo offering called Bingo Friendzy has got the entire gambling world worried and for good reason.

While initially this app will only be available to UK players there is no doubt that this is just the start. Facebook has had a lot of criticism thrown at it since its disappointing IPO. Many potential investors are wary of the future of the world’s largest social network and are skeptical about their future growth potential.

Until this week many would have agreed with the critics in their pessimistic forecasts for Facebook’s business model being to continue to capture the imagination.
However Facebook’s entry into the real money gambling market is the one decision that could turn around their disappointing fortunes and make them into one of the largest social and real money gambling powerhouses.

Currently Facebook have almost one billion global users who could be the largest and most loyal customer bases to introduce to the gambling world. Being one of the top global bands enables them to enjoy the trust and loyalty of hundreds of million global online players.

While up till now Facebook has relied heavily on its main social gaming partner Zynga whose virtual casino based games are some of their top grossing and most popular games on Facebook. We all know that Zynga Poker has over 35 million monthly users and is the world’s largest social online poker game.

Despite their intertwined relationship and some would say dependency on each other, Facebook have made one of their boldest moves. For the first time they have entered the UK market alone without their traditional gaming partner. By doing this they have confirmed what many thought should have been done long time ago. They are trying to become a force in the social gaming and gambling world on their own terms and obviously feel confident enough to go it alone without Zynga.
While this move is seen as bold and confident one by Facebook, this could mean more bad news for their main social gaming developer Zynga.

While Zynga has already being trying to reduce their independence on Facebook by launching their own site earlier this year, this latest move by Facebook could be interpreted as Facebook losing confidence in Zynga.  It can be safely assumed that Zynga CEO Mark Pincus no longer takes their relationship with Facebook for granted.

It would seem that the optimal scenario for both Zynga and Facebook would be to continue to reduce their dependency on each other and continue to look for alternative partnerships which would benefit both companies.

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