Facebook has been feeling the pressure since its disastrous IPO launch back in May. Their share price has almost dropped by half and they are reported to have lost over $157 million. This is has led many to believe is the reason why they have undertaken the ground breaking step of offering real money gambling games in addition to the social games.

The announcement of the partnership between GameSys and Facebook in launching their real cash Bingo Friendzy offering has got the entire gambling and social gaming industry talking.

While currently the new App is only available to UK Players, Facebook has announced that they intend expanding their casino offerings. It is safe to assume that wherever they are legally able to launch these type of real casino games, they will do so.

While many in the gambling world see this as a break through, there are voices being heard from critics like the Christian Groups who are up in arms at the marketing tactics of these casino games. According to opponents of these games, the visual graphics are more reminiscent of childish cartoons that are cute and furry little creatures. This according to the critics is set to entice and trap younger players to possible gambling problems. It is widely agreed that there are millions of underage Facebook users and despite the proposed controls and safety checks in place, it will not be hard for young players to get around them.

The stakes are high as Facebook is set to get 30% of revenues from Bingo Friendzy. If you take into account their intentions to add additional real money casino games, it is highly unlikely that Facebook will slow down. The stakes are so high and with their struggling fortunes, Facebook will not easily be persuaded to slow down in their race to capitalize on real money gambling.

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