Collect Riches With “Plunder The Sea” Online Scratch Game

If you are looking to enjoy the thrills of online scratchies them Microgaming offers some of the best games on offer. There is a growing market of online gamblers who want a softer gaming experience. While only a few years ago many thought of gambling as exclusive to casino games like poker and blackjack which require a lot of skill and knowledge. With the proliferation of online scratchies a whole new target audience has been created and the world is literally your oyster.

Plunder The Sea is one of those online scratch games that let you dive underwater and plunder the treasure son offer. What makes this scratchie even more fun is the fact that there are actually 2 game in 1 ticket.

In Game 1 all you need to do in order to walk away a winner is to match 3 of the colorful sea creatures. In Game 1 you get the opportunity to scratch and win up to £100,000.

In Game 2 you get the chance to increase your cash wins by revealing the treasures in the chest. If you reveal a golden fish you can win up to £1000.

All the sea creatures on display are unique and friendly looking and include a friendly killer whale along with a crazy looking piranha.

If money is tight then you get the chance to play from as low as £0.50 with the option of playing up to £10. Overall Plunder the Sea is a fun and high paying scratchie that could yield you the catch of your life.

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