“Classic Slots” Online ScratchCard Game

There is nothing like watching the slot machine reels spinning and landing on winning combinations. The thrill of waiting to see if there 7’s or 3 bars are triggered can only be experienced when playing. The only better playing option is that of the simple and user-friendly scratch card. The chance to play a slots game but with an online scratchcard format is the ultimate combination.

Classic Slots does exactly that as you get to pay what looks like a classic slots but plays like a scratchcard.

This slots/scratchcard combo lets you win up to £100,000 which is much more than many regular slots games. The graphics are good and are exactly what you expect form a classic slots game. To start playing and winning just choose how much you want to be and scratch the slots machines. You have the option of scratching and revealing each slot machine or playing all the slots simultaneously by clicking “Scratch All”.

You even get the chance to play and spin up to 50 times uninterrupted with the AutoPlay option which is a nice way to sit back and relax while Lady Luck does her thing.

The idea of combing the world of slots and scratchcards into a single online game with a massive jackpot makes “Classic Slots” a must play.


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