Las Vegas is taking the lead among U.S. states to promote online legalized gambling wherever it can. They along with states like Delaware were the first to start issuing gaming licenses and online gambling is taking its lead from the “The Silver State”.

In another interesting move to promote and legalize online gambling one of the licensed sports book operators Cantor Gaming will now be allowed to launch a Wi-Fi enabled sports betting offering which in will allow anyone to gamble online with sports betting within the state of Nevada.

This means that anyone with a smartphone, laptop or tablet device will now be able to place bets from within Nevada at a touch of a button. The mobile market is a major growth market for online gambling and the ability for Cantor Gaming to offer its customers the chance to bet from any Wi-Fi device is one which is sure to give them an advantage over their competitors. The Wi-Fi network is a vast improvement on the 3G or 4G networks in terms of speed which is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free online gambling offering.

The new sports offering by Cantor Gaming will utilize the latest data encryption technology to ensure the online customer’s security. This latest offering comes after their successful Android application which is also aimed at providing the mobile online player to gamble wherever and whenever they choose within Nevada.

CEO of Cantor Gambling, Lee M. Amaitis explains their latest Wi-Fi sports betting option,” introducing Wi-Fi enabled sports wagering on personal computing devices was a natural goal after the release of our Android-compatible sports wagering application last October.  This new innovation means that any Cantor Gaming customer with a personal computing device can now wager whenever and wherever they may be within the state of Nevada. This ultimate convenience enhances the gaming experience for our customers and underscores our mission to revolutionize gaming with unique and innovative experiences and continue to lead the way in sports wagering advancements across Nevada.”

Cantor Gaming is an affiliate of the renowned Cantor Fitzgerald financial services firms and as such enjoys the financial and market reputation of being one of the more trusted and stable gaming companies around. They are also the first gaming company in the state of Nevada who has a license to manufacture, operate and distribute a mobile gaming system.

Any serious gambling company will have to follow the lead of Cantor Gaming in providing mobile solutions to their online customers. The global mobile device proliferation is set to continue. Many experts believe that in the coming years a large percentage of overall online activity like online gambling will be exclusively done via mobile devices like smartphones and tablet devices. With these devices becoming more advanced and affordable for the masses, there is no doubting that mobile is the future for online gambling.

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