Bunny Boiler Gold ScratchCard Game

Bunny Boiler Gold is entertaining instant win scratch card game that takes you on an underground treasure hunt with a friendly bunny at its main player.

The aim if this instant win scratch game is to make your way through the maze in order to get your hands on the jackpot prize.

While making your way through the maze you need to be careful of the hidden traps as if you land on a death square your game is over. Should you land on the jump space you get to skip ahead to the next space of the same color. The carrot symbols means that you get another turn on condition that you still have rolls of the dice left.

The Golden Carrot is what you want o land on as if you land and on a space containing it you are automatically sent straight to the jackpot.

Betting starts from a low £0.50 and has a maximum of £10. You get 5 rolls of the dice in order to get your teeth into the jackpot which could reach up to £100,000.

Bunny Boiler Gold features friendly and inviting graphics as well as funny sounds to accompany you through this entertaining maze.

This instant win scratch card game is the ideal way to relax for those looking for a fun yet lucrative online game to play.

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