Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures Slots Game

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures is an iconic 3 reel, 5 pay line scratch slot game based on the cult classic movie of 1989 which featured the two teenagers who went on a trip of a lifetime by traveling through a telephone box.

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures is a groovy 3 reel, 5 pay line slot game that transports you through various periods in History while letting you win instant cash prizes.

Players have the option of betting from as low as £0.10 and have a maximum of £10 which has a maximum payout of 70,000 coins.

The multiplier features gives you increase chances to win big bucks and you will be greeted by historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon who are waiting to reward you.

This instant win slots game will take you on an adventure of a lifetime while giving you the chance to win massive cash prizes.

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