As we reported way back in June, Betable is a major player to watch in the real money gambling world. They are the world’s first real money gambling platform and in essence join the worlds of social gaming and real money gambling. They basically do all the work such as licensing, support and infrastructure that enables developers to monetize their mobile and social gaming apps. They have unique technology that enables identity and player verification as well as player location.

It goes without saying that Betable could be a huge player in social gaming as not a day goes by where there is not some new social gaming company that is not trying to monetize their game.

Betable has just announced that it will launch their first casino game in the U.K. which will be for real money. Players in the UK will now be able to opt for a real money gambling option when playing in the UK with the slot machine game title. The new slots game will be available in the App store and will run on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Like we mentioned earlier Betable employs technology to ensure that all is legal with regards to player location and age verification. General Manager of Big Fish Casino Carey DiJulio stated,” Real-¬money betting is just one more way we are enhancing the Big Fish Casino gameplay experience. With the launch of Big Fish Casino UK, real-money players in the United Kingdom can join our other Big Fish Casino players in the social aspects and thrill of casino gaming from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch anywhere they happen to be.”

Big Fish Casino boasts over one million monthly active users and is one of the top grossing mobile games. It would seem that Betable will partner up with many new social gaming interests and the race to cash in on real money gambling continues.It is also worth noting that the U.K. is again used as a testing ground for other markets. It was only last week that Zynga announced they will launch a real money online poker option in the U.K with

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