Betfair has announced that it will be sponsoring the “Taunton’s Richest  Raceday.”  We all remember the debacle which Betfair was involved in, in the Irish LeopardsTown betting scandal.

Total chaos and mayhem was the name of the game as Betfair voided all bets after claiming there was a technical glitch on their system.

Betfair realized that it is in desperate need of some positive publicity and needs to find ways to return consumer confidence in their brand.

This event has a prize of £70,000 which is the largest ever offered at Taunton on a single race day.

According to Betfair Spokesman Tony Calvin, “This sponsorship forms part of our on-going, three-year, GBP 3 million commitment to grass roots racing. So we are pleased that the funds are flowing to the right destinations, & that our sponsorship allows the course to put on such an attractive card.”

Calvin pointed out that Taunton is a good example of one of the grass roots tracks that has been hit by the difficult economic climate and is in need of a cash boost.

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