Scratchcard followers are well aware of the lure of fun socially based scratch gamesthat make their gambling experience an enjoyable one. The combination of spending hours of fun on online games is something we all have experienced. Up till now scratch cards have been the only choice for those looking for a real money gambling format that lets you scratch and win while giving you the feel of online games.

Betable is a new company on the block which is has as its aim the intention of legalizing some of our favorite social games on Facebook with the intention of offering real money gambling options.

We are all aware of the explosion of social games on giant networks like Facebook which seem to be everywhere. These popular games enjoy loyal followers that reach into the millions on a daily basis. More recently these social games have come to include virtual casino based games which are proving to be global hits.
Social gaming companies like Zynga have dedicated much time to developing casino offerings that include Zynga Bingo, Zynga Slots and Zynga Poker.These online casino games look and play just like the real thing and except for the fact that they are played in free-to-play mode , one would be hard pressed to differentiate between them and real money casino games.

Zynga Poker in particular has millions of daily players and has proven to be one of the most popular global virtual poker offerings. It is no longer a matter of speculation as CEO of Zynga Mark Pincus has already stated that Zynga is looking into the real money gambling market. Furthermore there have even been reports that Facebook themselves are looking into the possibility of entering the real money casino market.

While social games like Farmville and Zynga Poker generate billions in side revenues through players buying and exchanging virtual chips for real money, the real money is seen in the real money gambling market.

It is at this point that a UK startup company called Betable has come into play. They have now offering a platform that will enable social gaming developers the ability to add real-money gaming into their existing apps. They have already announced a private beta developer program and intend expanding this to all developers by the end if the year.

This service by Betable could mean unlimited potential earnings for social gamers. Currently the average user spends about $1 a month for the average social game and about $2 for the user’s lifetime. Betable claims to be able to increase this form $300 a month per user and to over $1800 for the user’s lifetime.

Betable was launched in 2008 and has some serious financial backing. In effect Betfair have already acquired gaming licenses in many markets and would enable the social gaming developer to integrate their real gaming aps software in a very short space of time. Currently without a service like Betable the process of acquiring an online gaming license is tedious and complicated and can take over 18 months.

With Betable they have already done all the hard work and in theory it is possible for developers to sign up for a Betable account and set up their apps within a few hours!

Needless to say the potential for social gaming giants like Zynga to utilize the services of a company like Betable are staggering. According to chief executive of Betable, Chris Griffin the global market for social games are around $3 billion while the online gambling market is worth at least $32 billion!
We look forward to seeing if the online scratch card market will be challenged by traditional social games which up till now were only available on a free-to-play basis. The scratch card industry is used to adapting to market trends and it will be a tough act for any traditional social gaming developers to compete with the proven scratchie’s track record.

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