Betable Continues To Give Zynga Headaches While Aiding Their Rivals

Way back in July last year we reported on an exciting company called Betable which could have a strong impact on the online gaming and gambling world. Since then we have continued to follow their progress with great interest as they continue to make waves in the social gaming market as well as the real money gambling world. They in essence have leveled the playing fields for any small social gaming developer which is looking to get a foothold into the ever growing real money gaming arena.

Just to refresh our memories, Betable is a company that has legal licenses to operate in certain jurisdictions like the U.K. In essence if a social gaming company wants to monetize their free-to-play games they can use Betable do handle all the legal paperwork and licenses that are required. In the past this was a costly and complicated process which only could be done by major gaming giants like Zynga.

With Betable’s innovative solution it has challenged players like Zynga who now have to look over their shoulder for up and coming gaming developers who now also have real money gaming options available to them. In November Ya-Bing Chu ,a vice president form Zynga who was in charge of their mobile division  left to join what many believe is a thorn in Zynga’s side namely Betable.

In yet another move in the developing war between these two companies Zynga’s vice president of business development, Jonathan Flesher has joined Betable. He will be a VP of business development and work in a similar filed as he did at Zynga.

Betable has also signed partnerships with many of Zynga’s competitors like Big Fish Games to enter the U.K market.  In October 2012 we reported on Betable’s partnerships with Digital Chocolate, Electronic Art Inc. and Slingo. Betable also expanded their reach into France with their agreement with Mandala Games.

This latest move just strengthens the intriguing battle between these rivals as they each of their gains is the others loss. With Zynga in full swing towards their real money gaming launch in early 2013, CEO Pincus could well do without the “headaches” that Betable is causing them. It was only a few years ago where only a few major gaming companies had the resources and influence to contemplate the real money gambling crossover. Now due to companies like Betable just about anyone can compete with the gaming giants. We look forward to following Betable in the future and as stated before they are definitely a company to watch.

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