It was only yesterday that we covered the rise of the new online gambling statrtup Betable which is making waves in the social gaming world. Social gaming developers have clicked on to the fact that if they want to earn real cash they need to shift their focus on converting their social casino games into real money options. Until now this option was not available to smaller social gaming developers due to the inherent cost and difficulty in obtaining gaming licences.

As we explained previously Betable in essence is a company which already has existing gaming licences in countries like the U.K and are thus able to in effect  to take the reigns and do all the legwork and paper work for social gamingcompanies. This service is revolutionary for social gaming developers as it now means that entry into the real money gambling world is no longer privilege of only big gaming developers like Zynga.

With this in the background Betable announced that I has entered into partnerships with no less than three of the worlds largest social gaming giant Zynga’s competitors.The partnership includes the popular Slingo which currently has over 54 million monthly users, Murka Ltd. Who are behind the “Slots Journey” and Digital Chocolate which was started by Electronic Art Inc.

Wit mobile gang estimates to reach over $100 billion by 2017 it is not surprising that there is a concerted effort by social gaming giant to get their share of the pie.With player like Betable making  this possible for all many believe that this trend of monetizing social games  could be the largest growth sector in the online world. This was echoed by CEO of Betable Chris Griffin who said,” This is not going to lead to an incremental shift in the market. This is really a tectonic change.”

While Betable is opening up doors for smaller social gaming companies, this could affect larger developers like Zynga who up till now were able to use their sheer size to dominate the market.

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