The Belgium Government has been debating various aspects of online gambling recently. The latest positive news is that reports that the Belgium Gaming Commission has approved three online poker sites.

The sites are Poker , and Casino 777. These operators will be allowed to operate in Belgium while other unauthorized domains will be  blocked.

The new operators will have to comply with the new Gaming Act in order to offer online gambling services and will require operators from other Member states to hold a land based license in Belgium and also to relocate their servers permanently in Belgium.

It has taken years of lobbying to get to this stage in tin The Belgium Parliament which still has its critics as there are those who believe that the taxation issue has not been solved.

Pokerstars formed a partnership with online casino operator Circus Groupe back in late 2010 that gave the pair the chance to offer their services complying with the regulations of the Belgium Gaming Commission.

Belgium along with Denmark and Spain are all pushing to regulate online poker in 2012.

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