Australia is one of the strongest gambling markets in the world.Online scratch cards and sports betting are some of the favorites.

In the latest study from Southern Cross University’s Centre for Gambling Education and Research where over 6500 participants were surveyed, it was found that up to 50% of the participants had started some form of online gambling in the last six years.

Online scratch cardshave become an integral part of internet gambling with many choosing this easy and accessible format to scratch and win.

Online Scratch cards sites offer various free sign up bonuses which make online scratch cards very attractive to all budgets.

According to lead researcher Dr Sally Gainsbury, Australians prefer online gambling over any other form of gambling.

Australians are estimated to be spending over $600 million a year on online gambling alone.

An estimated 16% of the participants in the study have some sort of gambling problem and many credit this to the fact that online gambling can be done from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Gainsbury points out that one of the main contributing factors to the rise of online gambling is the ease and accessibility of online casinos. The growth of smartphones has brought mobile online gambling to the online player  like never before.

Online Scratch card players now have the option of playing online whenever and wherever they choose which is guaranteed to ensure their global popularity.

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