The issue of online gambling down under is heating up in light of the Australian Government recently reacting to a review which suggests that they are close to reviewing their position on internet gambling.

Like many other global hotspots, the scratchie market is huge and if the proposed changes come into effect, the millions of Aussie scratch cardplayers will become an important force in the global scratchcard industry.

With millions of dollars at stake it comes as no surprise that many are looking to join the online gambling bandwagon in order to participate in the massive cash involved.

One of the latest players to throw their hat in the ring is that of Clubs Australia who are supposedly a non-profit organization who represent the interests of over 6,000 of Australia’s licensed clubs.

Clubs Australia are proposing that they should play a prominent role should the Government go ahead with their revised policies of loosening restrictions on online gambling. They are quick to point out that currently online Australian players spend over a billion dollars a year with offshore internet operators and the current Government position which bans internet gambling is not only not effective but is costing the Australian economy billions in lost gambling revenues.
Clubs Australia contend that they are in the best position to minimize negative effects of gambling and that their clubs are ideally suited to become the sole operators of these casino games.

The scratch card in all its variations is known to be less problematic for many governments to introduce as a gambling option as the scratchie is enjoyed by many as a more social game and not as a heavy addictive gambling option.

In a statement by executive director of Clubs Australia, Anthony Ball he stated,” However, we strongly believe that if the federal & state governments choose to go down that path, then the safest way is through a club-based, not-for profit-model.”

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