Competition is stiff in the U.S. gambling market as states have to find revenue sources to fund their struggling economies. Gambling is one the more competitive markets and individual states where gambling is legalized are continuously forced to compete with neighboring states competing for the gambling dollar.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been a longtime pro gambling supporter and has been actively looking to make New Jersey a leading state in the race to legalize gambling after last year’s Justice Department’s revised stance on the Wire Act of 1961.

On Wednesday Gov. Christie signed legislation that will allow gamblers to bet with mobile devices. These devices are already in use in Las Vegas and will enable authorized casinos and Hotels to offer online versions of their games. These could include sports betting and any other casino games. The mobile devices will work on a prepaid basis and will enable customers to play their chosen game anywhere in the casino which includes the lounge, pool and restaurant.

The new bill was sponsored by Sen. Jim Whelan who used the Las Vegas model as inspiration for the new bill. Sen. Whelan stated,” By keeping pace with new technology and new advances in gaming, we can make sure that Atlantic City is on a level competitive field with our main competitor to the West. With the Jersey Shore as a backdrop, Atlantic City has a leg up on its competitors in Las Vegas and around the country, and I believe that mobile gaming devices could create a significant new revenue stream for our casinos.”

There are strict safeguards in place to ensure that no underage gambling takes place and that the new mobile devices comply with all regulations pertaining to gambling.

Mobile devices like those in Las Vegas and soon to be used in Atlantic City are seen as the way forward for many land casinos. Mobile gambling is a definite trend which is set to stay and increase in popularity. It is also seen as an essential media to attract the younger generation of gamblers who use smartphones and tablets as their primary devices to interact online.

Gov. Christie is well aware of the fact that if New Jersey does not keep in touch with current technology trends in the gambling world, they have no chance of capitalizing on the ever lucrative gambling market which is expanding into the online gambling industry.

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