As we have been reporting one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors in the gambling world is that of the mobile phone devices. Mobile phones have done for scratch card what no other device could possibly do.

Most of us still remember all to well when the only way to buy a scratch card was to physically venture out to your corner store and buy them. With mobile phone technology advancing constantly it has never been such fun to scratch and win.

Essentially the global mobile phone market is dominated by Apple and Samsung while other manufacturers.

In a recent report by Asymco it was reported that Apple has managed to grab over 73% of operating profits while Samsung way back in second place with 26%.

The situation for other major phone manufacturers like Nokia and Sony Ericsson is dim to say the least as it has been years since they last showed an operating profit.

Mobile phones have managed to bring the classic online scratch cardto the reach of millions. The timeless scratch card enjoys global recognition as the format that is user friendly and uncomplicated.

In figures released the global Q1 profits of 2012 rose to $14.4 billion which is a massive increase from the 45.4 billion only two years ago. As to be expected Apple is the main benefactor of these profits.

According to the report it seems Apple is utilizing some interesting marketing tactics that in essence force the carriers to pay Apple a premium to sell the iPhone.

Most carriers agree to this arrangement as they are well aware that millions sign up with carriers on condition of getting an iPhone. For millions smartphones like the iPhone is essentially replacing the PC and carriers who do not offer such smartphones are not able to sustain their operations.

It remains to be seen if anyone can compete with Apple and Samsung in this billion dollar industry. We as online scratch card junkies can sit back and enjoy while mobile phone technologies improve our scratchcard experience.

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