One of the most powerful and profitable sectors in the mobile technology industry today is that of the mobile smartphone industry. For all of us online scratch card devotees, the past year in particular has been an exciting year in which our online scratch card experience has been made easier and more fun with the latest mobile scratch card apps.

In a study conducted by Canaccord Genuity it was found that the smartphone industry was mainly down to two real players being Apple and Samsung. The study concluded that these two powerhouses made up over 95% of the handset industry’s profits for the fourth quarter of 2011.

It his amazing to look back at the evolution of the simple scratch card we used to buy at our corner outlets. With modern mobile scratch cards and scratch apps the ability to scratch and win has literally being brought to the tips our fingers.

Powerhouses like Apple and Samsung have developed cutting edge mobile devices which are ideally suited to power the mobile online scratch card industry.

Apple as was widely reported had an unforgettable 2011 and alone accounted for 80% of the profits in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The question of profit is the most basic bottom line for handset manufacturers and this is the dominant force behind the nature and pace at which they develop their products. A good example in point was HTC who had poor profits reported which resulted in them drastically changing their product launch process and creating the emergence of their One line of smartphones.

The main requirement of successful scratch card apps is their ability to remain simple to play and user friendly. What attracts millions to the online scratch card world is the chance to scratch and win without having to learn complicated and boring rules.

The Canaccord Genuity study shows the weakness of other players in the smartphone industry other than Apple and Samsung. Their main stumbling block has been the inability to really stand out like Apple and Samsung have done with their iPhone and Galaxy product range.

Manufacturers like HTC , RIM and Nokia are still not showing market gain.
Apple of course is the top dog in the Smartphone industry with its proprietary iOS operating system that is powering the iPhone. As we all know the iPhone continues to enjoy record sales and according to reports the iPhone has managed to outsell all other smartphones at Sprint Nextel and AT&T. At Verizon Wireless it is almost on par with Androids in terms of sales.

Whether it is Android or iOS based devices, the current market forces are driving the online scratch card world to levels we can only have imagined a few years ago. The simple ability to whip out our smartphone devices and play our scratchies with a touch of a button is truly revolutionary.

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