For many scratch card players their smartphones have become their favorite technological gadget as they provide the chance to scratch and win anytime and anywhere we so choose.

The power of having a portable device that can enable you to win million pound scratch card jackpots are making life tough for smartphone manufacturers who constantly need to improve their devices.

There is bad news for all of Apple’s and Samsung’s competitors as a survey by ABI research points out that the two of them are set to capture over 55% of the smartphone and over 90% of the profit in the first quarter.

As we have reported extensively, the smartphone race has become essentially a two horse race. It is up to Apple’s and Samsung’s competitors to come to the party with innovative and unique offerings if they want any chance of knocking these two powerhouses off the top positions.  According to the report Samsung is leading the way in smartphone shipments for the quartet with an impressive 43 million units shipped.

However when it comes to profits Apple is top dog due largely to its ever popular iPhone 4S which is continuing to be the choice of many users and carriers.
The much talked about release of Samsung’s Galaxy S III release should also positively impact their profit margins.

As we said other smartphone manufacturers like Nokia, Rim and HTC have their work cut out for them. Nokia has predicted a negative second quartet and HTC is trying hard to make some sort of impact on the smartphone market with their One line of smartphones
While Rim has had a dismal time lately with a 20% drop in BlackBerry shipments in the first quartet they might find some comfort in the fact that Nokia reported a 40% drop.
With Smartphones continuing to dominate the online gambling market, mobile scratchcard apps are set to increase in popularity. It is hard to see how scratch card enthusiasts will give up this convenience anytime soon.

It is up to the various smartphone manufacturers to keep up with the demand and continue supplying better and more advanced devices to users and profits will follow.

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