As we previously reported   on Jan. 27 the mobile smartphone industry has revolutionized the online scratch card industry. Mobile phone scratch card apps from the likes of Hopa are the hottest app for online scratch card buffs.

It has been a record breaking year in the mobile phone market in 2011. The major contenders for top dog were Apple and Samsung. Together these mobile phone powerhouses managed to rake up over 95% of all mobile phone profits in the final quarter in 2011.

This meant that for the rest of the competition the game was almost over. When analyzing further Apple delivered the knockout punch in the final quarter with the launch of their iPhone 4S they grabbed over 80% of all mobile phone profits which was a massive improvement from the 56% in the third quarter. This statistic is fascinating as Apple only holds 8.1% of the current global phone market.

Whether you enjoy traditional scratchcards like Super 3wow which offers you the chance to become an instant millionaire or scratch cards like Roulette which combines scratch cards with casino games, the ability to scratch and win from the palm of your hand is alluring.

Samsung had a challenging year with profit down from 26% to 15%. The good news for them was their share of Android customers grew from 35% to 39%.

As we have reported before Apple had record sales in the final quarter of 2011 with over 37 million iPhones sold and $13 billion in overall earnings. Samsung is believed to have sold about 35 million smartphones.

Global smartphone users are replacing their PC’s with smartphones as their primary scratch card gambling medium.

These two powerhouses have left the remaining competition in the wind with HTC only grabbing a 3% share of mobile phones in the final quarter. RIM and Nokia also had weak performances with only 2% of the profits.

Nokia is struggling with their new Microsoft Windows Phone which is set to replace their previous Symbian OS. The year 2012 is expected to be challenging for Nokia as they are in the transition process.

RIM has had a dismal 2011 with shrinking sales and dealing with changes in management. They are pinning their hopes on the new CEO Thorsten Heins to change their fortunes.

The smartphone revolution is gaining momentum with more and more scratchcard devotees choosing their smartphones to satisfy their craving for scratch games.

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