As online scratch card players the new mobile gambling apps have transformed our scratchcard habits. Up till recently we all had to play online with PC’s but now with the smartphone the chance to play and win is as simple as whipping out your smartphone and touching a button.

ComScore have just released their latest figures on the U.S. smartphone market. The report covers the three months ending July and found that Apple and Android continue to dominate the market. According to the study Google’s Android makes up 52.2% of the market share which represents a gain of 1.4% from the previous three months. Apple came in second with their iOS operating system that makes up 33.4% of the share market. This represents a 2% increase from the previous three months.

The other operating systems continue to struggle. RIM’s BlackBerry OS continues to struggle with a further decrease of 2.1% from the previous three months. An interesting figure is that of Microsoft Windows Phone who make up 3.6% of the market. While they lost about half a percentage point they are one to watch as more smartphone manufactures are looking towards the Windows Phone 8 platform. Nokia’s Symbian OS is basically nonexistent with only a 0.8% market share.

While Apple’s iPhone sales were overshadowed by the highly successful Galaxy S3 from Samsung, this is set to change with the imminent relapse of the iPhone 5 which many potential consumers have been waiting for.

In terms of phone manufacturers Apple was the biggest earner in market share with a 2% increase to capture 16.3% of the market. The leaders were Samsung with 25.6% and LG in third place with 18.4%. Motorola made up 11.2% and HTC 6.4%.

The demand for better and bigger smartphones shows no signs of slowing down. It is amazing to see how a once niche product has now become available to all and is fast becoming the default phone device.


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