The mobile smartphone and tablet boom is reaching all parts of the globe. Online scratch card players are using their mobile scratch card apps more and more as their first choice when deciding to scratch and win on their preferred games.

The mobile revolution is making the simple scratchcard available to everyone at the touch of a button. Fans of the scratchie are now in a position to scratch away whenever and from where ever they so choose.

In a new study by research company Stenvall Skoeld & Co., it found that Apple is making inroads into the gigantic Chinese Mobile phone and tablet market. According to the study which was based on data from a Chinese research firm, Apple has managed to sell over 21 million iPhones and iPads in 2011 in China.

This number is very significant as Apple is succeeding in capturing the ever growing middle class of China. Apple is making great progress in wealthier cities like Beijing and Shanghai where 1 in 9 and 1 in 11 residents own either an iPad or iPhone.

Apple has managed to increase global mobile sales due to clever marketing strategies. In the U.S. in particular Apple have lowered their price on older models like the 3GS and the iPhone 4.

This clever marketing strategy has enabled them to attract a wide market which before was seen as the higher end sector which excluded a large part of the population.

Online scratch cards are a great example of how to cater for all budgets. There are scratch games that start from as little as 10p which means that no one is excluded from the winning excitement of scratchcards.

It seems that Apple will try and adapt the same strategy in China which could grow the Apple brand exponentially.
China has one of the largest populations in the world and Apple is well aware of the unlimited growth potential.
Apple already has carrier deals with two of the three major wireless carriers in China.

Thanks to the ever growing Mobile smartphone and tablet market, the ease and accessibility to play for massive scratchcard jackpots has never been so enticing.

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