In yet another move by a social gaming operator into the online gambling world, it has become clear that social gaming and gambling formats like online scratchcards are part of the same online entertainment industry.

Long gone are the days where gambling like scratch cards and poker had to be played in smoke filled rooms. Today all online gamblers who enjoy a punt are able to do so with the online scratch card that delivers high end social gambling to the tips of your fingers.

The ever popular social games on Facebook that have a virtual casino base have never been so popular. Millions of Facebook users play free to-play casino based games like Bingo and poker.

As scratch card devotees many of us really enjoy and appreciate the social aspect of scratchies. As one of the most popular and user-friendly formats available many enjoy the wide selection of various themed scratch card games.

Who could ask for more than combining the love of sport or travel into a modern day online scratchcard?

As we have been reporting social gaming giant Zynga has been on an acquisition hunt for partners in the U.S. and other emerging markets. With the new stance of the U.S. Justice Department on the wire Act of 1961 it in effect means that the race has begun to legalize online gambling.

It seems not a question of if but rather when this will happen. Only last month there were reports that Zynga were in talks with the U.S. casino group Wynn Resorts. It is clear that many social gaming companies are planning their future real money game offerings.

Many opponents to regular gambling formats are much more tolerant to social gamin g like scratch cards. They are widely perceived as an acceptable and pretty harmless form of gambling. Scratchies do not bring with them the problems that other heavier gambling formats sometimes do.

The latest social gaming company to join the bandwagon is the San Francisco based startup, BitRhymes who have an impressive 400,000 daily active users and over 2 million casual players that play on their Bingo Bash Facebook social game. They like Zynga have clear ambitions to convert their virtual games and players to real money casino gaming when the legal situation in the U.S. is clarified.

There are reports that they have already managed to raise over $1 million form some impressive investors that include Former general counsel of Apple and Oracle Dan Cooperman and Doug Bergeron.

Their latest offering Bingo Bash is marketed specifically for women and since its June launch last year has steadily gained in popularity.

Many scratch cards like Ladies’ Shopping and Mega Love are specifically marketed for the women scratch card enthusiasts and once again prove the versatility of the scratch card format.

They plan on releasing different especially adapted versions in over 10 languages. They also plan of focusing on a mobile version of the game and have already released a version for the iPad.

Mobile scratch cards are becoming increasingly popular as scratch sites are well aware of the need to keep pace with the mobile technology race in which all of us expect to have our scratchies available whenever and wherever we choose.

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