We at scratch-fever.com aim to bring you the latest technology trends in the online scratch card world and in particular the ever growing mobile scratch card explosion.

Smartphones are at the center of mobile device industry which is sweeping the globe. With the unstoppable growth of smartphones we as online gamers and scratch card players are at a turning point in the gambling industry.

More and more people are using smartphones as their primary mobile device choice. In the latest study of over 30,000 people surveyed ComScore released one interesting figures for the 3 month period ending in April.

According to the latest report by marker researcher ComScore, Android is continuing to grab the top spot in the U.S. smartphone market.  According to the report Android has over 50.8% of the market share which is a 2.2% increase from the 3 months ending in January.

Apple’s iOS accounts for 31.4% of the market share which represents a 1.9% increase.
More of us are enjoying the comfort of playing our online scratch games with simple touch of a scratch card app. For many of us technology savvy peoples the thought of having to gout out and physically buy a scratch ticket seems absurd as all modern smartphones enable you to capture the winning action of scratch cards.

Both Apple and Android have their RIM’s dismal performance to thank for their market share increase. RIM only makes up 11.6% of the market share at present and lost over 3.6% in the three months ending in April.

Microsoft is steady at 4% of the market with their Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Symbian has a 1.3% market share.
Smartphones are continuing to grow at an impressive pace as smartphone ownership has now reached over 107 million in the U.S. which means a 6% increase in the 3 months ending April.

The research confirmed again that Samsung is still the number one handset maker with over 25.9% of the market. In second place was LG with 19.2% and in third place was Apple with 14.4% which is a 1.6% increase. In fourth place was Motorola with 12.5%.

We look forward to following all the latest trends in mobile smartphone devices that are making our online scratch card gaming experience an unforgettable one.

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