The days of lugging around laptops to have a flutter on our online scratch cardsare coming to an end. The penetration of smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the way we approach scratchcards.

There is no longer any need to limit to when and when you decide to enjoy your scratch games as they are available directly to your smartphones with the touch of a button.

Google’s Android Chief Andy Rubin has been speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The main focus in the mobile technology industry today is the soaring growth of mobile smartphones and tablets devices.

According to Rubin over 12 million Android-based tablets were activated sine Android’s inception. This figure is very low when you take into account that Apple sold over 15 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone and over 40 million iPads for the year 2011.

The phenomenon of mobile devices has lead to scratch card site operators developing the coolest scratch site apps which capture the magic and excitement of our online scratchies to our mobile devices.

The global popularity of scratchcards is undeniable and the growth of the smartphone is set to bring the classic scratch card format to millions.

Rubin is looking to 2012 to be the year that Android starts to dominate the tablet market. Rubin did not specify how he plans on taking on Apple’s iPad but they are relying on the fact that Google has relied on various hardware vendors to utilize their operating system and not like Apple who only sell their operating system on their devices.

While one can see this logic has paid off for Google in their smartphones, it remains to be seen how they plan on bringing the dame success to their tablet devices.

According to Rubin there are over 850,000 android-based devices and tablets being activated daily and overall over 300 million Android phones have been activated since Android’s inception.

The scratch card format is ideally suited for mobile devices as many scratch games are more social than traditional gambling. Many of us look to scratchies as more of a form of relaxation rather than gambling.

It is great fun to play scratch games based on horse racing or scratch games that take you to a relaxing bar at the end of a hard day’s work.
Industry experts voiced some concerns that Google would give preferential treatment to Motorola after they bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt was quick to calm fears and said,” The Android ecosystem is the No. 1 priority, and that we won’t do anything with Motorola, or anybody else, by the way, that would screw up the dynamics of that industry. We need strong, hard competition among all the Android players. We won’t play favorites in the way people are concerned about.”

The rapid mobile technology advances are ensuring that we as scratchcard players are at the cutting edge of technology and are set to be a dominant force in the online gambling world.

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