Onlinescratch card players have never been so spoilt for choice as to which smartphone or tablet device they use to power their mobile scratch card apps.

With smartphones and tablets increasing becoming the choice of consumers, it is no surprise that the mobile technology sector is one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the world today.

Convenience and portability are key issues for all online scratchcard junkies who demand that all their winning scratchies be available at the touch of a button whenever and wherever they decide to scratch and win. With our hectic modern day lifestyles mobile scratch cards are a must.

According to a report in ComScore Android has managed to seize over 50% of the U.S. smartphone market. These incredible figures were for the period from December through February which showed an impressive 17% rise from the same period last year and over 3.2% from the previous three month period.

Android’s nemesis and fiercest competition Apple’s iOS captured over 30.2% of the U.S. smartphone market which is an increase of 1.5% from the previous three months. These figures go even further to show the dominance that Android and iOS maintain in the ever growing and lucrative smartphone market.

Mobile scratch apps are becoming more and more popular as many scratch card players choose to scratch away while on a break at work or on the subway. The advancement of top notch scratch card sites and apps have managed to bring the online scratchcard experience to the smartphone format.

RIM’s woes continue as their market share fell by a whopping 13.4% while Windows also took a drop of 3.9%. Nokia also continues to struggle to make an impact on the smartphone market with their Symbian where they only hold a 1.5% of the market share.

The smartphone is continuing to grow and become an integral part of our lives. In the U.S. alone over 104 million people owned smartphones for the period ending in February. This is a noticeable 14% increase from the same period in the previous ear.

Samsung is still the leader in the U.S. market with the highest share while LG are in second place.
Apple is hot on their heels and it is worth pointing out that they had the highest growth rate amongst smartphone manufactures with a 2.3% rise in the market share. HTC and Motorola were in fourth and fifth places with 6.3% and 12.8% respectively.

In terms of bottom line profit, Apple and Samsung are still reaping the lion’s share with over 90% of all mobile phone profits during the fourth quarter of 2011 going to them. Apple took an unbelievable 80% of those profits.

Online scratch card players are the main beneficiaries of the mobile technology war as our scratch games are getting easier and more exciting to play with our latest mobile devices.

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