The year 2011 was the year of mobile online gambling technology.  With the growth of smartphones we as online gamblers are being provided with mobile gaming solutions for all our online scratch cards and online poker games.

All the online casino operators have realized that we “scratch card” players expect to be provided with mobile online gambling solutions in order to facilitate our need to scratch and win with online scratch cards wherever and whenever we choose.

The data released in the following report bodes well for the future of mobile online gambling and we predict that more and more online players will utilize the mobile platforms to keep scratching away at their online scratch cards which provide hours of winning entertainment at the touch of a button.

According to Taiwan’s Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC),shipments of Android based phones reached 206 million on 2011. This represents over 46% of the global market which makes it the world’s largest mobile platform.
Android will reach the 50% mark in 2012 easily. According to MIC Android will maintain its lead but the market is set to be dominated by Apple’s iOS with a 19% share and Windows Phone with a 13% share.

Regarding smartphone makers, MIC sees Samsung lead the way with 21.7% followed closely by Apple with a 18.7% share.  HTC’s market share should rise to 10.9%. Bad news for Nokia and RIM who will face tough times with their shares dropping to 15.6% and 8.6% respectively.

The overall numbers for smartphones are massive and could reach 614 million in 2012 which is a 36% rise from year 2011. Presently smartphone owners make up only about 14% of global mobile subscribers.

Another positive forecast for smartphones in 2012 is coming from ABI who predict that 3G and 4G phones will make up more than half of all mobile phones shipped for the first time ever. If ABI’s estimates of shipping are accurate this would mean a increase to 1.67 billion handsets in comparison to 835 million in 2011.

Emerging markets are a major focus for smartphone vendors according to ABI. Samsung has made strong inroads in emerging markets. Apple has increased its sales in emerging markets as well with good progress been made in China and Brazil.

HTC’s main consumer market is based in North America and Europe but they too have made inroads in China.
Other manufactures like RIM have had success in Indonesia with emphasis on text messaging. Nokia is hopeful for success with the launch of Windows Phone in China and India planned for the first quarter of 2012.

The most lucrative market is still in North America which represents 15% of the smartphones shipped globally but has the lead in high-end smartphones of which it makes up 40% of the market.

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